This is clearly not a medical blog, but if you’re looking for online information or support, here are some resources I’ve found helpful. Let me know if you have any recommended or additions.

Cancer organisations – every country has a cancer organisation and I found the Cancer Council of Australia user friendly with clear medical information, a supportive section on life after breast cancer and psychological impact of cancer, and information for carers.

AdvocacyFlat Closure Now is an education and advocacy group dedicated to ensuring breast cancer patients and providers understand that “going flat” is a valid, beautiful, and healthy surgical option after mastectomy. This is one of the few resources I’ve found with photos of what women look like after a mastectomy.

Glamour – Melissa Janson was the first uniboober I saw after my mastectomy. She is heavily involved in advocacy, is the most visible uni I’ve seen and also has a fashion blog I Don’t Need Two which encourages confidence, style and daring in a post-unilateral mastectomy world.

Podcasts – Stephanie Astalos-Jones has the great podcast FLAT is where it’s at. It was created to support and inform women and to highlight all the wonderful women in the world who just happen to be flat.

Facebook support groups – I’ve joined several groups for women who have had mastectomies and decided not to reconstruct. They are amazing groups of women supporting women, sharing experiences and normalising what we’re going through. One Breasted Beauties, Flatties Unites, Flat and Fabulous, Fantastic Flat Fashions.