I remember when…

I’ve just started a writing course and our first task was to write a couple of paragraphs starting with “I remember the time when”, I thought I would share it for something different and sweet…

I remember the time when summer was endless.

In my memory it has now become one perfect day when Jenni and I ducked under the dew covered cobwebs to search for fairies in the back of our yard. Our yard was our whole world and it was a dome of sunshine and jasmine.

As we tired of the elusive fairies we would go to the outer limits of our world, fighting dragons in the front hedge until the heat drove us to the pool.

A summer storm sent us inside where mum was dancing to Bruce Springsteen. The rain smelled of snails. Wet brought out the snails to be collected in an old ice cream tub and discarded somewhere as went to gorge on peas from the vine.

Family dinner around the dining table begging to be allowed to play with the wax from the candles turned to bedtime and dad making us characters in Peter Pan, we thought he was teasing us, but couldn’t be sure as we relied on his superior reading skills.

It was always too early for sleep as the sun hadn’t set, but it would come heedless of our protests.

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